The Good and The Bad…but not The Ugly

I’ve been trolling the internet looking for reviews again. Good or bad, I want to know what people are thinking about WHERE THE HEART LIES. I’ve turned up three kinds:

1. The Good. Overall positive review. The reviewer liked the book, explains why, may point out anything they didn’t like, but gives it a positive rating.
2. The Bad. Negative or somewhat negative review, still well-written. The reviewer explains why he/she didn’t like the book, giving me the opportunity to take notes on how to make my writing better.
3. The Ugly. Negative review, but no real explanation of why. Usually full of grammatical errors. I don’t plan to advertise these reviews on my blog.

I’ve recently found two reviews, representing both Good and Bad. One of these I knew about ahead of time since it was on Goodreads. I thanked the reviewer for taking the time to read and thoroughly review the book, even though her overall impression of it wasn’t all I would have hoped for. The other was an unexpected surprise, and a very sweet and encouraging review. Here are quotes and links to both reviews:

“…a good story and deals with some really serious issues. I really felt for Alicia and the difficulties she faced moving on with her life without her husband Ty with her. It made me think about all of the real people out there who have lost someone important to them because of the war. It really was heartbreaking. Michelle Garren Flye does a great job of expressing Alicia’s pain and frustration throughout the book.”

The Book Garden, 3.5 stars

“…a lovely book with some sad, yet feel good moments and is about love, trust and friendship.”

Anglers Rest

My thanks to both reviewers!