Seven and a half hours (and a bit) left to enter E-Reader Giveaway!

A short reminder: The winter solstice hits the east coast at 12:30 a.m. tonight, and I’m accepting entries in my e-reader giveaway right up until then (one per person, please). My hat’s filling up, but you still have a pretty good chance of being the winner. Tomorrow morning I’ll put the last entries into the hat and have my sweet daughter pull the winner, just so there’s no chance of favoritism (since she can’t read yet and doesn’t know most of you, anyway).

Don’t forget to check out the veritable garden of Roses I’ve planted over the past couple of weeks. Autumn Piper, L.K. Below, Lori Green, Sutton Fox, Stephanie Beck, Diane Escalera and Cristal Ryder have been here already, and I’ll wind things up, appropriately enough, with Rebecca Rose on Friday! It’s been wonderful hearing how other romance authors go about the character-naming process, and I hope they’ll all stop back by at some time or another.

Good luck with all your last minute holiday preparations wherever you are, and don’t forget to take a breathing moment from time to time!