A Rose is a Rose?: Cristal Ryder

Cristal Ryder is a talented author who writes some…well, very HOT stuff. Her novel BEING ARIANA would no doubt melt a snowman in a few seconds, but it’s featured at the Lyrical Press Christmas Bash for 30 percent off! Cristal is here to share her thoughts about naming characters. Welcome Cristal!

BREATHE: Do you feel your character names are influenced by the theme of your story? Why or why not?

CRISTAL: Yes I do. At least for me, I *feel* the character differently by their name. Somehow their name becomes the essence of who I’ve created and the name seems to reflect it.

BREATHE: If you wrote in another genre, would it affect the names you picked for your characters? Why do you think this is?

CRISTAL: Yes it does. I finished a sci fi and the names were quite different. The heroine’s name changed as well after the story was complete. All the way through she went by one name and then when I did the read through she no longer represented that name and it changed to something else which fit her so much better. I think it could be because of the world building and the naming fits it better.

BREATHE: What is your favorite character name—either your own or somebody else’s? Why do you like this name?

CRISTAL: I used to love the name Kash. I knew a Kash years ago and he was gorgeous, nice, sexy, everything yummy. I used this name in my first ever written book, yet to be published :). The strange thing is, when I read it through now, I don’t like it as much and have considered changing it.

BREATHE: Do you feel a character’s name affects the way you write him or her?

CRISTAL: I’m not sure. I think the characteristics of the character becomes who the name fits. It’s like they go hand in hand somehow. But when the name doesn’t fit it stands out like a sore thumb.

BREATHE: Are there any names you absolutely will not use for a character?

CRISTAL: I hadn’t thought about this. Good question. Right now, I don’t think there is anything that specifically sticks out in my mind.

Excerpt from BEING ARIANA:

Ariana carefully composed herself and positioned the peak of the organza hood a little lower over her face. She felt the flush on her cheeks and the need to regain her composure from prying eyes. Her focus for the night had shifted dramatically in the last few minutes because of this strange man. Ariana turned her head within the hood to see if he was still there. He stood at the bottom, watching her. Ariana’s heel caught on the runner and she saw him start as if to jump up the stairs and assist her. She caught herself in time and shook her head, hoping he would get the message to leave her alone. Again, his brilliant smile clutched at her heart and he nodded his head. But she didn’t really know what that nod meant. Was he agreeing to leave her alone, or was it simply an acknowledgement of…what?

Oxygen filled her starved lungs and clarity came back with air. She decided to think of him as a delectable treat to help enhance her experience tonight and nothing more.

She knew her encounter with the mystery maitre’d had been noticed. The arousal of those around her was tangible and the weight of hungry gazes followed her until she found a table close to the balustrade. Ariana loved the interest the observers had in her recent encounter and rather than be intimidated by being watched, she thrived on it. At the table she paused and turned her head slightly behind the veil, enough to see some of those sitting around her and their stares skittered away when she caught them gaping with curiosity. Ariana smiled, and with a graceful movement sat at the center of a butter soft, wine-colored settee big enough for two.

Her fingertips touched the edge of the veil, making sure it was still where she wanted it. These seats offered a clear view of the lower level and yet the high back hid her from anyone seated behind. She scanned the floor below and concentrated on bringing her heart and breath firmly under control.

Guests in all kinds of masquerade mingled about or sat with their drinks at tables placed in concentric arcs before the stage. The lights, already dim, would be lowered even more in a little while, then all the focus would be on the performers.

Ariana could almost taste the growing excitement of the crowd. It thrilled her, and she grew more aroused, tightening her thigh muscles in pleasure.

People on the upper level shuffled around the seats in costume. Their choice to be at the top had purpose. They didn’t want to be noticed. Their tastes leaned toward watching only. Lighting ran along the edge of the floor, low and muted, mostly for safe passage between the tables and chairs. It gave the room a cavernous appearance that swallowed the furniture and guests into a dark void. Perfect for their anonymity. Many curious voyeurs in the dark hungered to watch the performers on the stage.

She swung her gaze to the main floor and watched the activities below. Costume clad hostesses fussed with guests and ensured their satisfaction with cocktails. Many still mingled and others had found their seats.

Her gaze stopped at the base of the stairs. Was she hoping to see him? Her breath caught slightly and sweet heat tingled between her thighs. She admitted he aroused her, unlike others, and sought him out with her gaze. The dark velvet curtains did well at hiding anyone standing in their folds. Then a section moved and she focused on the spot.

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