Day 1: Passionate About Writing

Here I am in the very heart of the city that never sleeps and all I can think about is getting some sleep! It’s been an awesome day that didn’t quite go the way I had thought it would at first, but ended up great, anyway.

It started out on a high note, although I didn’t get to meet up with the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers who were here. I ended up on the wrong floor, but two lovely ladies, Jeannie Watt and Sophie Gunn** invited me to join them for coffee, noticed my orange “first timer” ribbon and gave me some excellent advice. Thank you ladies! I’m looking forward to reading your work now that I’ve met you. 🙂 After coffee I headed off alone to the opening session where Diana Gabaldon, Tess Gerritsen and Steve Berry answered questions about everything from what their most touching moments with their fans were to how can an author break through into the world of best sellers today. All three were highly entertaining and informative, and I enjoyed the session immensely.

Afterward I headed up to the room with my hands full of coffee and danish, and a lovely woman by the name of Diane Burke, who writes love inspired suspense, gave me her card and was exceptionally friendly, inquiring about my first experience with the RWA conference.

My afternoon was made up of several informative workshops. I got lost on the way to one, however, and happened along the Spotlight on Carina, Harlequin’s digital-first imprint. Editor Angela James was very informative and persuasive, and I will be looking very closely at Carina as a possible publisher for at least one of my two completed and polished manuscripts.

To wind up a very productive day, I met four other Lyrical Press authors for a drink: Pamela Hearon, Mary Abshire, Cathleen Ross and Cassiel Knight. We found we had much more in common than just writing for the same publisher, and wound up spending a very pleasant couple of hours together.

So now it’s off to bed after I take a sleeping pill to help cushion my delicate North Carolina eardrums against the constant racket of the Big Apple. Night, everyone!

**Note: I’ve recently realized that “Sophie Gunn” is also known as Diana Holquist, a very accomplished writer of contemporary romance. As Sophie Gunn, however, she writes small town romances. I’m looking forward to reading both! (BTW, I’m sure Sophie/Diana told me her real name was Diana, but in my mixed-up, confused, dazed state, I didn’t quite catch it. Sorry, Diana!)

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Passionate About Writing

  1. How exciting!! I was really hoping I’d get to go to RWA this year, but it didn’t work out. Maybe next year? I can completely relate to the noisy nighttime when you’re a NC gal who is use to blissful quiet sleep at night! 😉 I hope your time there continues to be wonderful and new doors open for you (and you get to paper pub your book!! 😉 ) BTW-my WIP is a romance and I’d love to pick your brain on a few things sometime down the road.

    • Hey Ash! I wish you were here! Maybe we should work out something for the next one. It’s in Anaheim. Not sure how much my brain contains that’s worth anything to you, but feel free to pick away. 🙂

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