Registration Day: Welcome to New York!

I’m here at the RWA Nationals!!! All registered and properly worn out after a day of traveling, but really psyched to get started on things tomorrow. After arriving, figuring out the hotel’s (very) confusing elevator system (I’m not kidding, a lot of people are having trouble with it!), I got myself registered and received my bag of goodies. Six wonderful romance novels just for registering! Yay! I can hardly wait to dig into them.

To get in the mood for tomorrow’s workshops and (hopefully) networking, my husband and I hit the pavement and wandered a few blocks over to the New York Public Library to look at the excellent exhibit “Celebrating 100 Years”. I saw Charles Dickens’ letter opener, a lock of Mary Shelley’s hair, e.e. cummings’s typewriter, a Gutenberg Bible, George Washington’s farewell address (written in his own hand!), Jack Kerouac’s “Rain and Rivers” journal, and a lot of other amazing items, which, when you see them up close, really make you wonder how on earth they have survived in this world that loves the digital media so much. Why keep so many originals when we can digitize them and share them worldwide? As I looked at e.e. cummings’s typewriter and the sheet of music Beethoven actually touched, I felt like I might know the answer to that, however. You have to preserve the original. There’s simply nothing that can take the place of standing less than six inches away from a true original.

So tomorrow I rise early and get started meeting some current originals in my field. I’ll update again tomorrow night, if possible!