Happy Father’s Day and a Bonus

I’ve mentioned my dad on here before. He read my book. My father’s not exactly a romance kind of guy, but he read my book and told me he liked it. That means a lot to me. (Love you, Daddy!) Actually, a surprising number of dads have read SECRETS OF THE LOTUS and liked it. My friend A.J. has two gorgeous kids and told me liked SECRETS. My friend Jennifer’s dad won one of the Kindles I gave away and he let me know he enjoyed my book, too. My own husband, one of the absolute best dads I know, who has never ever read a romance before, gave me a glowing review of SECRETS.

I won’t actually say you should give the dad in your life a copy of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS or any other romance for father’s day, but hey, it’s good to know there are a few men out there who appreciate a good romance, huh?

Happy father’s day, Dads!

Now for the bonus. I finished another manuscript. Yep, just started shopping THE SIXTH FOLD (formerly ALWAYS FAITHFUL) around and now I’ve finished DUCKS IN A ROW. Well, first draft, anyway. It’s in no way ready for anyone else to even look at, but the whole story is there. And if I can finish copy editing it, I might even be able to pitch it at the Romance Writers Association Annual Meeting!

What a bonus — for me, anyway!

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day and a Bonus

  1. Congrats! That is so awesome that your dad read your book. That is wonderful parental support! *still wishing your book was in print form* 😉

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