WINTER SOLSTICE is on its way!

That’s right! My next book is officially “Coming Soon”! You can see its status on my Lyrical Press Author Page. I’ve had so little to report recently, I jumped at the opportunity to update my blog, of course, and I also made a slight change. The tab that used to be called “Secrets of the Lotus” is now called “Books”. For now it just has the Lyrical Press “Coming Soon” image, but I hope to have some cover art to reveal to you soon.

In the meantime I’m hard at work on my next two, ALWAYS FAITHFUL and DUCKS IN A ROW. DUCKS IN A ROW is still very much in a first draft stage, but I hope to begin sending ALWAYS FAITHFUL out into the world very soon.

ALWAYS FAITHFUL is really waiting for me to concoct that perfect query letter. In spite of all the advice on how to write the irresistible query letter, it is far from an easy task. If only there were an exact science, an ABC to follow! I nearly failed high school chemistry, but if I could pull out a pipette and a Bunsen burner to cook up a perfect query, I’d do it in an instant. Nobody would measure the perfect amounts of persuasion and enticement than me. No one would adjust the flame for heating my concoction more carefully, and when my letter was removed from the beaker, no agent (or publisher for that matter) would be able to resist. Every agent I sent it out to would immediately request at least a partial, if not a full manuscript.

Of course, if I don’t stop dreaming and get to work on said query, ALWAYS FAITHFUL will continue to molder on my desk and that doesn’t get us anywhere, now does it?

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