What are the SECRETS OF THE LOTUS? (excerpt included)

SECRETS OF THE LOTUS is my first novel, released in ebook format by Lyrical Press in July 2010. It’s received a lot of great reviews and I have personally gotten a lot of great feedback from readers. For more information on how to purchase SECRETS OF THE LOTUS, check out this page: SECRETS OF THE LOTUS. If you want a better taste of what my writing is like, see SHORT ROMANCE and FREE FICTION.

And if you want a tiny taste of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS, check out this excerpt:

“You told me once the lotus flower had some significance to you. I was thinking about that. What does it mean to you?”

Josie hesitated. Thinking he’d asked too personal a question, Dan said quickly, “You don’t have to tell me.”

“That’s not it.” She bit her lip. “I was looking for the right words. I guess the lotus fascinates me in the same way it has fascinated people for centuries. It grows in muddy water and blooms on the surface without a spot on it. You have this beautiful, pure flower blooming on top of mud and muck.”

“So that’s why it symbolizes purity.”

“Purity and spiritual awakening. And new beginnings.”

“New beginnings,” Dan echoed.

She shrugged. “Yeah. It’s silly, probably. I’m sure the flowers get dirty once they’ve bloomed. I mean, if a dirty toad jumps on one, the dirt’s going to stick, right?”

“Maybe.” He thought how beautiful her hair looked in the morning light. “Or maybe it’s just there, blooming perfection in the middle of all the nastiness, and no matter how the dirt tries, it can’t stick to the lotus blossom.”

“You should have been a poet, Dan.”

“Who says I’m not?” Dan sat back and took a sip of his coffee. He thought how perfect the lotus blossom was as a symbol of Josie, but that made him wonder if he was the toad threatening to splash muck on her. He knew if she ever found out about Morrow, she would think he was worse than a toad and he realized how much he cared about that now. He decided it was finally time to make some changes in his life.

All this is old news, though, right? Well, I hope not for everyone checking out my blog. I personally love my little romance novel, and I have lots of reasons to think you will, too. And if you do (or did) love it, consider reviewing it! You can post your review on whatever website you bought the book from or on Goodreads, if you’re a member. And if you email me a short note at michellegflye@gmail.com and tell me it’s okay, I’ll share your review right here on my blog! I’m that confident you’ll like it.