What a great idea!

I’ve been out of it since Monday, guys, so sorry I haven’t updated. Multiple sick kids on multiple days and fighting a cold myself did not make for good blogging time. Maybe I can get back to normal next week!

My thanks to Ellen Meister for her great interview on Monday! I’m planning to wrap up my segment on naming characters this coming Monday with some of my own inconclusive conclusions and a last word or two from some of my guests this month. If you’re a writer and have some ideas, throw us a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

One great thing that happened this week was getting a comment referred to me by a blog I’d never visited. Ash Joie Lee’s blog is devoted to a “Meet ‘n Greet” for writers. Check it out here: Ash Joie Lee. A friend, McKenna (whose blog you’ll find in my Links of Interest to the left), mentioned my blog in a comment on Ash Joie Lee’s site, so I had to check it out. What a wonderful site it is, too! Devoted to helping other new writers get the word out about their work.

Since I spend a great deal of time on promotion, including a number of hours on this very blog, I recognize the value of this resource. I commend the owner of the blog and I thank McKenna for leading me to it! Cheers to you both.

2 thoughts on “What a great idea!

  1. Thank you so much for this! I love finding sites of not only writers, but those who are a great resource to writers and I’m so glad McKenna introduced us to you and your site!
    Writers need all the support we can get! 😉

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