HONEOWP 2011 Update: Steve Lowe

As most of you probably know, I’ve decided to donate my royalties from 2011 to a different charity every month. This month it’s Habitat for Humanity. If you want to make a difference for someone without a home, you can either buy SECRETS OF THE LOTUS or donate directly. Or both, if you’re feeling especially charitable.

At the same time, I decided to call on my fellow Helpful Outstanding Novelists, Editors and Others in the Writing Profession (HONEOWPs) to join me, either by donating their royalties for a period of their choosing or by blogging about others’ efforts. However, before I’d even announced this initiative, Steve Lowe contacted me and told me he’d like to use my idea of donating royalties to charity. Steve and his wife are foster parents and Steve has decided to donate February’s royalties from the sales of his books MUSCLE MEMORY and WOLVES DRESSED AS MEN to a national not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to foster care and helping children in need. You can read more about Steve and his effort here: Steve’s Blog. Steve has set a goal of $500 donated to his charity this month, and I hope we can all help him achieve that.

I’m starting a HONEOWP roll call section in my links to the left. Check it out from time to time and let me know if you’d like to join it.