Forced Breathing Moments

Hello, and welcome back. Not you! Me. I feel like I’ve been on a trip, which, in a way, I have. It all started Saturday when my oldest developed a high fever and a cough. This persisted throughout Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, by which time my youngest had developed the same thing. I hate fevers in my kids. Fevers scare me, but a trip to the pediatrician reassured me that it was “just” a virus. Not even the flu, so maybe that Flu-Mist thing does work.

At any rate, my trip began Sunday night. My son’s fever hit 105 that night and I decided that to be closer to him, I needed to sleep on the couch. Understand, this couch is not the most comfortable, but I’ve slept on it before with no ill effects. Well, once I was sure my son’s temp was down, I collapsed on that cursed couch and slept like a log, waking on Monday with a huge pain in my neck. No school for the kids, so I had the great joy of trying to keep them occupied while holding a heating pad against the throbbing muscle on my neck. I also got to run errands and pick up groceries while trying not to turn my head to the left. Have you ever tried changing lanes and checking your blind spot without turning your head to the left? Not easy.

The pain was worse on Tuesday, so I sent my middle son off to school, keeping my oldest and youngest home since they were both still running fevers. I foisted those two off on my babysitter and left for the doctor since it was even hard to swallow at this point. He very kindly gave me prescription for a muscle relaxant and pain reliever. I started taking them Tuesday afternoon and whoa! If I’d started the trip on Sunday, the plane really took off on Tuesday. Figuratively, because I haven’t been able to do more than stumble around my house like a ghost since then. I couldn’t drive and had to depend on friends to get my kids to and from school. Thankfully, we had plenty of food in the house, but I couldn’t cook it to save my life. I opened my computer a few times, but for the most part I couldn’t work. I stared at Facebook some, but my brain was so dulled by the drugs, I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

So, long story short, I managed to hurt myself while sleeping. How do you hurt yourself while sleeping? This could only happen to a 40-year-old mother of three. While I was taking the medication I realized something: I must come to terms with the fact that my body is falling apart. Also, I’ve decided I really don’t understand anyone who takes prescription drugs for fun.

Well, everybody’s pretty much over the virus thing now, and I’ve decided it’s time to get off the narcotics. My forty-eight hour breathing moment is almost done, and I’m actually hoping to get back to normal tomorrow. I’m glad so many of you have read Maryanne Stahl’s wonderful interview about names. If you missed it, you can still find it here: A Rose is a Rose?: Maryanne Stahl. You might also want to check out the interviews with A.J. Brown and Joe Young. And don’t forget, next week I’m hosting the very talented Ellen Meister whose novel THE OTHER LIFE comes out on February 17, 2011!