Day 2 of My Kindle Giveaway

Your chances are still pretty good at winning a Kindle if you leave a post on my blog or email me at I really am giving this thing away, guys. I’ll take a picture of the hat I’m putting the names into and post it later. My three-year-old will draw the winning name, so you know there’ll be no foul play on her part.

Also, don’t forget, I’m donating all royalties earned during November and December to The National Wildlife Federation. I’d love nothing more than to write them a really big check or two, so buy my book and let’s make this donation huge!

Okay, off to NaNo for a bit. Only seven more days in November! Only 10,500 words (at last count) to go!

Places to purchase SECRETS OF THE LOTUS:

Lyrical Press
Barnes & Noble
Books on Board

14 thoughts on “Day 2 of My Kindle Giveaway

    • Hey R.J.! Me, humble? No way! SECRETS OF THE LOTUS is available through several fine ebook retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booksonboard, and of course Lyrical Press. You can find some links to purchase here: Want a Kindle?. You’re right, though. I’ll add it to the post…

  1. Michelle – I read your post and had to check this out. It is very seldom that people get the real meaning of the season of giving. Kindles sound awsome, I have seen them on many talk shows. I would love to get one because I to love to read. My house has books on both floors in almost every room, as well as since my mother passed away in June I now have all of her books. I dont care what there is to be done, you can always find time to read. I find it realaxing!!!! Let me know if I win one, lol . I give you kudos for getting the reason for the season, and giving back. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season !!

  2. Michelle, Love the posters I have seen downtown for your book. I am going to enjoy it. I just finished one I have been trying to complete for months, so now ready for something new!

  3. MIchelle, I need a Kindle because my bookshelves are full. I’d attach a pic but I don’t see how. Seriously! I just hired a cleaning person and he gasped when we came to the books. Out loud.
    Hugs, Andrew

  4. This is so awesome! I’ve been saving up to get a kindle. I hear they are going to be really well priced on black friday but I don’t think I can bear to be up fighting for one online. Thanks so much for the chance! And many kudos to you for your generosity overall. Your donation this month has inspired me to donate to HabitatForHumanity! πŸ™‚

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