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Here’s a little something I wrote for a contest. It didn’t win and I have no intention of doing anything else with it since I don’t think it’s that great, so I don’t mind sharing it with you guys. The object of the contest was to sound like the brilliant Joseph Young, for which the prize was a copy of his new book “Easter Rabbit”. Guess I’ll just have to go order the book now, darn it, and I was hoping for an autographed copy!

The Beginning

By Michelle Garren Flye

“Watcha got?”

The boy raises the speckled object, held between thumb and forefinger. “Bird.”


“Yeah.” He runs his finger over the egg’s surface. It appears smooth, but he can feel tiny pits and uneven valleys. It reminds him of his mother’s face, so fine from a distance but full of imperfections up close.

The Middle

By Michelle Garren Flye

He wishes she would turn the stereo up. The clock sounds so loud in the near silence. Somewhere upstairs he hears Joe Cocker’s wails working their way through the floorboards but by the time they reach him they are indistinct and the clock overwhelms them. He touches the threadbare covering of the green chair. The calluses on his thumb and forefinger make a raspy noise that overwhelms the tocking and ticking, so he caresses the fabric with a lover’s zeal.

The End

By Michelle Garren Flye

The floor is glass. The floor is ice. Hard. Cold. Perfect. He never noticed its fineness before. He’s on the ragged rug, the bare floor just inches away. The wheels of his chair spin above him, puffing air onto swollen knuckles as he extends his arm and lets it fall, feels his palm slap on the shiny surface. Dust wisps cloud his weeping vision, but the icy perfection tingles his fingertips like a flawless diamond in a jeweler’s grasp.

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  1. hey, michelle! thanks for entering the contest. i appreciate it. hey, i’d be glad to autograph a copy for you if you’d like. if you order through the publisher (, no problem!

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