Editing progress

So I have this awesome editor who made all sorts of wonderful suggestions for tightening up my writing and generally improving my manuscript. I’m learning a great deal about novel-writing (not so much about blogging). Problem is, making these changes is incredibly painful. I’m slowly slogging my way through but I’ve only made it about halfway. Admittedly, holiday shopping and preparations did slow me down even more, but the truth is I can barely make it through a half hour of edits before my mind (and my internet) wanders.

Today, I even found myself coming up with other tasks to avoid editing today. I washed the dishes (hallelujah!). I put away the kids’ old schoolwork. I made cookies. In keeping with my New Year’s resolutions, I spent forty minutes on the elliptical and took a shower. I hauled up the boxes to pack away the Christmas decorations … and decided I’d rather edit. I still don’t know of anything I hate more than taking down Christmas decorations!