Everything Old is New Again: Secrets of the Lotus now Available in Print!

Secrets printWhen I first embarked on this quest to be a novelist, I had visions of grandeur. Seriously. I thought my book would be bought by a big publishing company (Harlequin came to mind), and I’d be sent on a book tour with hundreds of loyal fans lining up to have me sign my book. And after that I’d come home but everybody would recognize me on the street and people would drive slowly by my house hoping to catch a glimpse of me…

Well, none of that happened, obviously. First off, my book Secrets of the Lotus was published by Lyrical Press, a wonderful little independent press which has since been purchased by Kensington Publishing, which has really only made Lyrical better. Second, it was only published in ebook format. Third, my followup Winter Solstice, was also only published in ebook format, and finally, I realized something about writing. There are a lot of books out there. And some of them are even better than mine.

With all that said, however, a dream of mine did come true last week. Lyrical/Kensington finally released Secrets in print. For the first time, I held my first book in physical form in my hands and it’s beautiful. The cover and formatting and editing are all very professional and I love the book.

At $15 a pop, it’s pretty expensive, and I wouldn’t totally recommend buying it unless you’re enough of a fan to drive slowly past my house. And if you’re that much of a fan, let me know when you’ll be driving past and I’ll make sure to lean out the window and wave. Heck, I’ll even come out and sign your book for you. To purchase your copy of Secrets in paperback or ebook (only $3.03), click here: http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Lotus-Michelle-Garren-Flye-ebook/dp/B00IPQX14I/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1428351501&sr=8-3&keywords=michelle+garren+flye