Island Magic: My Winter Wishes on Paper

As I leaf through my advance copies of Island Magic, I remember writing it, and it’s a bit funny. Last winter was one of the coldest and snowiest I’ve experienced since moving to eastern North Carolina. Every other year I’ve lived here, we’ve been lucky to get even one significant snowfall. Last year, if I remember correctly and didn’t lose count, we had three. And though temperatures here can dip into the twenties almost any year, the average low is probably closer to fifty, and that’s a cool day. I’ve seen seventy degrees in December. But not last year.

Last year was cold. And our house is drafty. The windows need to be replaced, and I have a particularly bad one in my office. It’s large, old and on cold days, you can actually feel the wind coming through it. Right in front of this particular window is my desk. And that’s where I sat last winter writing about warm, blue Caribbean seas and skies. Romance on a deserted island. I would sip my coffee, blow on my cold fingers and transport myself there through the magic of my tapping fingers on the keyboard.

Ironic? Maybe. Fun? Yes. Challenging? Absolutely!

Writing about lying on a beach in a bikini is a very difficult thing when your feet are cold. Imagining warm sun and sand when snow is falling is near impossible. But somehow, I think I pulled it off. Check this out:

Rachel stretched, trying her best to enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun on her skin, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Logan. Jesus, Nora, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be flirting with him like I did, but damn… She remembered the night before when he’d placed her hand over the glass with the glowing blue-white light in it and her frustration intensified.

A star. How the hell did he do that? She felt uncomfortably hot at the memory of his touch. Maybe she’d been right to walk away last night after all. What the hell? When she’d come here, he’d been nothing but the husband of her dead best friend. Even if she had remembered the way he’d spoken of the island as a place of healing. Even if she had thought at the time that maybe he was her salvation. I still can’t want him. Not like that. Not this bad.

So bad, in fact, she wasn’t certain she’d be able to relax in the warm sun for thinking about the feel of his hands on her skin. And the fact that she didn’t actually know how his hands would feel only frustrated her more.

She sat up, looking around her. Time lost meaning in the tropics, she’d found, and right now what might have been hours must only have been minutes. No other guests peopled the pool deck. Logan had disappeared, too, although a few white-clothed, very beautiful people who were obviously staffers bustled around the little poolside bar. None of them acknowledged her at all, making her wonder if Logan had warned them off. Not a single quirked eyebrow or smirk was cast her way.

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