Five Female Escapologists Who Might Have Inspired Lady Lydia

I say “might” because Lady Lydia sprang fully formed from my own head, but in the process of researching escapology, I discovered the field of escapology is mostly dominated by men. However, a few beautiful, brave women have gone before Lydia. Here’s my tribute to them:

1. Dorothy Dietrich. In addition to successfully escaping from a straitjacket while suspended from a burning rope fifteen stories up and no net beneath her, Dietrich is one of the few magicians to successfully perform the bullet catch.

2. Kristen Johnson. Part of the husband and wife team of Ridgeway and Johnson Entertainment Inc., Kristen has mastered the “Full View Water Torture Cell” in addition to many other feats of escapology.

3. Alexanderia the Great. Specializing in water escapes, Alexanderia has been dubbed a “Modern Day Houdini.”

4. Minerva. A contemporary of Houdini’s, Minerva performed throughout the world and was known as the “American Queen of Mystery.”

5. Morgan the Escapist. Known for her 55 Gallon Underwater Challenge in which she escapes from a barrel of icy cold water after being chained, handcuffed and padlocked, Morgan has won awards for her magic.

Do you know of another female escape artist, past or present? Leave me a comment for a chance to win one of the fabulous prizes I’m awarding during Magic Week!

4 thoughts on “Five Female Escapologists Who Might Have Inspired Lady Lydia

  1. Interesting. Aside from Houdini I probably couldn’t mention any male escapologists either. About 20 years ago in Las Vegas I saw a female magician – Melinda, First Lady of Magic – and her show was different only because most of the magicians are men. Of course the main reason to see her was she’d been in the news after she broke up with Rich Little and he was trying to blacklist her around town and managed to get the casino she was performing at to fire her and hire him instead. I enjoyed her show but I probably wouldn’t have known about her except for the torrid stuff in the news.

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