Mission Possible: Get out your spy gear…there’s still time to win!

Before I get to the contest, please note, FOREIGN AFFAIRS is officially out, as you can tell by the “BUY IT NOW” links to the left. You can get it for your Kindle or NOOK or other e-reader of choice now, and the print version will be out in a month or two, but why wait? There are six sexy foreign men to explore (ahem, read about)!

But now on to the contest. To celebrate the anthology release, I’ve created an assignment for you, if you choose to accept it. You can win a $10 gift card from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble by doing two things: (1) Visit my fellow Foreign Affairs authors’ websites and (2) spy! Email me (michellegflye@gmail.com) with at least one fact about each author. Since all good spies need a place to start, I’m providing you with links to their websites below. While you’re there, you might drop them a line and let them know I said hi!

Karen Booth
Sidney Bristol
J.M. Kelley
Karen Stivali
Georgia St. Mane

I’m going to run this contest for a week, so you’ve got until August 15 at 5 p.m. Eastern to get me the information. Be sure to email me one fact about each one at michellegflye@gmail.com, and you’ll be entered in the drawing.

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