Enjoying the Olympics? Maybe you’d like Foreign Affairs.

Everybody seems to think they have an idea of what we’d like these days. If you rent a movie from an online service, that online service assumes it knows you well enough to make recommendations. I am certain that if I Google something, about a million advertising firms get hold of the information and bombard me with popups and online advertising about similar products. “Did you search for soccer scores? Buy your soccer cleats here.” Amazon is one of the worst about this. My Amazon home page changes from day to day depending on what I ordered or searched for last. Today the “Inspired by your shopping trends” has things like headbands, gardening tools, vacuum parts and a Star Wars Clone Trooper dart gun. I don’t actually want any of these things right now, but because I’ve bought things LIKE them there on former Amazon excursions (some dating back to last summer), Amazon assumes it knows me.


On the other hand, I’m going to make a recommendation. If you’ve enjoyed watching the Olympics at least partly for the nice-looking males from all over the world, you may very well enjoy Foreign Affairs, the romance anthology featuring my story “Agapi Mou”. Foreign Affairs will be published Wednesday, August 8 (two days from now) and on September 8 in print. It features six men from six different countries who are not only good-looking, they’re also sweet and kind for the ultimate in sexy.

Am I on target for something YOU might like?