My most favorite comment of all…

I lost track of all the reviews Where the Heart Lies has received. Some of the reviewers liked it, some of them didn’t. I’ve forgotten most of the words of the reviewers (except the ones I preserved on this blog), but what I do remember are the comments from readers who have lost a loved one in the Armed Forces. These people have received the same “folded triangle of red, white and blue silk” that Alicia did at her husband Ty’s funeral. Some of them knew it had thirteen folds that had come to mean something to the family members left behind. Others say they learned something new from my book.

Either way, I know these are the comments that count. Anytime a reader makes an honest connection with what I write, it’s a great feeling. Writers can’t ask for better reviews than those.

For those who want to know what all the folds mean (I only mention the first six in Where the Heart Lies) and how they came to mean that, you can find it all here: Grand Fold Flag.