Thanks for everything…and join me again today!

First off, a note of thanks to everyone who helped me promote Where the Heart Lies on its birthday yesterday. I found dozens of Tweets and loads of Facebook posts from friends and readers. Plus, several people read my book! I really, really appreciate that help in getting the momentum going. Thanks to you guys, check out the most popular book on Carina Press’s website:

Number one Most Popular Title on Carina Press!

That’s just too awesome for words! Thanks to all of you, to the reviewers who stirred up interest, to the Tweeters and Facebookers and Bloggers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the momentum continues.

On to other business. Not only did my book come out in ebook format yesterday, I barely even mentioned the fabulous audiobook available at You can listen to a sample of it on Audible. It’s narrated by the fabulously talented Kate Udall, who, I swear, reads it with such expression, she actually sounds like the voice in my head when I wrote it. And she even looks like Alicia!

Finally, I’d like to invite all of you to join me again today. I’m blogging about the setting (Hillsborough, N.C.) of WHERE THE HEART LIES on the Carina Press blog this afternoon. I’ll be giving away a $10 Amazon e-gift card to one lucky commenter, so stop by and give me your opinion!

2 thoughts on “Thanks for everything…and join me again today!

  1. Congrats on the release of the new book, Michelle. Sorry I couldn’t do anything yesterday — just returned from camping with the family, now heading to work to catch-up there. It sure looks like it has been and continues to be a successful launch!

    • Hey JP. Hope you had a great time with your family and work won’t be too cumbersome. 🙂 Fingers crossed, so far I couldn’t ask for much better of a launch for Where the Heart Lies!

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