Release day approaches and the return of HONEOWP

Hi everybody. I’ve been struggling some with my writing since summer began. I think I’m just going to take a breathing moment and spend the summer with my kids. I know the writing bug will strike again, but until then I’m just going to relax, work on finishing up a couple of manuscripts and marketing my upcoming releases. I have two that I can lay claim to. Of course, you know about WHERE THE HEART LIES by Carina Press, but there’s also the Turquoise Press anthology FOREIGN AFFAIRS, which I’m thrilled to say includes my short story “Agapi Mou” (translation: “My Love” in Greek). FOREIGN AFFAIRS will be out sometime this fall, and as soon as I have a cover and a release date, I’ll let you know.

With these upcoming releases, I have decided it’s time to revive HONEOWP. If you remember, I began HONEOWP as a way of doing something good with my writing. I’d love to think that my writing somehow makes a positive difference in the world, but I have no illusions. I don’t really write change-the-world type stuff. So I decided to donate my royalties for a year to charity. During the course of that year, I managed to donate over $300 to charity (which doesn’t say much for my book sales). I also wore myself out researching charities and keeping up with posts about how much was donated to which charity. Not that I minded, but toward the end, it felt like it was slowing my writing down a bit.

So I’m simplifying things this time around. I’ve chosen one charity, No Kid Hungry. However, once again I’m inviting all other writers, novelists, editors and bloggers to join me in the effort. If you’d like to join up, send me your information and I’ll add it to my HONEOWP role call. You don’t have to pledge all your royalties, and you don’t have to even tell me how much you’re donating. Just post about HONEOWP and the charity of your choice on your own blog/Facebook/Twitter. I’ll blog about you and your charity and your books (if you have any) on BREATHE. If I have time (which I probably will), I’ll send you a few questions about you and your charity of choice.

So welcome back, HONEOWP, and don’t forget to join me right here on July 16 for my release day celebration!