Punchbuggy/Slugbug Rules

1. Punchbuggy/Slugbug points are awarded when a participant spots a punchbuggy/slugbug (also know as “Volkswagen Beetles” or, less commonly, “dragon’s beetles”) and shouts “punchbuggy” or “slugbug”. Since “slugbug” is faster and easier to say, a participant who shouts “slugbug” will often win the point over one who shouts “punchbuggy”, even if both participants begin the call at the same moment.
1a. It is acceptable to split a point in the case of a tie.
1b. Often, Punchbuggy/Slugbug participants accompany their shouts with punches or slugs. It is best to decide ahead of time if all participants are amenable to this.

2. A Punchbuggy/Slugbug game lasts as long as a trip to your ultimate destination. If you stop on the way to the destination, the game is still in effect. Therefore, a trip to the grocery store actually lasts as long as the trip to the store and back home since home is your ultimate destination. However, a six-hour trip to the beach ends at the beach. The trip home from the beach is a separate trip.

3. Some punchbuggies/slugbugs are worth more than one point. For instance, old slugbugs (Type 1, produced 2003 or before) are always worth two points). Old slugbugs being used in displays located more than ten feet off the ground are worth two points, even if only half the slugbug is used. New Beetles are only worth one point, unless decorated with peace signs or flowers. Beetles produced in 2012 or later are only worth half a point. However, any slugbug painted like a pumpkin or yellow smiley face is worth two points. Additional points may be awarded for old slugbugs with rusted holes, any slugbug painted like Herbie, or any slugbug which obviously reflects the owner’s attempt to display his/her individuality.

4. Stationary slugbugs are still fair game. Therefore, if you pass a slugbug in the same parking lot every day, it may still be called. However, no slugbug may be called more than once per trip, even by a different participant.

5. A Punchbuggy/Slugbug game lasts until a participant reaches ten points. At that time, the game is called and/or a new game begins.

6. Point disputes will be settled by the driver. The driver’s decision is final, even if the driver is a participant. (Drivers almost never win since they need to keep their eyes on the road and can’t be constantly looking for slugbugs.)

7. Participants may “give” a slugbug to another participant. This is especially true for the driver for the reasons stated in rule #6. Participants may give all or part of the slugbug at their discretion.

8. Winners are allowed to gloat since all a winner gets from the game is bragging rights. However, losers are not allowed to whine. Ever.