Where the Heart Lies: First Blurb!

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been querying review sites and author acquaintances, asking if they’ll take a look at an advance copy of WHERE THE HEART LIES for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have two or three positive responses, and I haven’t given up hope for more. Well, today, I got the first blurb back from an author friend, and it gave me a little lift. Stephanie Stiles, author of TAKE IT LIKE A MOM, which I read right after it came out and really loved (read it if you want to laugh!), sent me this blurb today:

Where the Heart Lies is an ambitious and engrossing tale, full of complexities of both character and plot. With her narrative skill and unforgiving wit, Flye had me alternately laughing and crying. Read this one on the beach, by the fire, in your bed… wherever. Just read it!

— Stephanie Stiles, author of Take It Like a Mom

I’d like to thank Stephanie for being the first. It’s never easy to be the first at anything, especially at offering praise. It takes courage, but honestly, I knew she had that after I read her book. It’s full of honesty and emotion, mixed in with some really funny stuff. Thank you, Stephanie, for being the first one to offer me those all important encouraging words!