Validation: WHERE THE HEART LIES to be an Audiobook!

Just a quick update with some fantastic news I justgot a little while ago. has selected WHERE THE HEART LIES to be one of its audiobooks. I’m very, very excited about this, as my novels have only ever been in ebook form. The thought that I will be able to hear an actual actor read my story is sort of awesome. Besides, it’ll be proof that somebody else actually did read it!

I’ve written before about my personal quest for validation and how I believe all authors who seek publication probably feel the same way. Well, I picture my quest as hills and valleys and a lot of plains in between. Most of my writing career is spent on those plains, plugging away. Every now and then, I get a rejection and it plunges me into a valley, but then I struggle out and continue on, slogging across the plain of creativity.

And then I get a little bit of validation. An acceptance. An award. A positive review. Hell, somebody buying a book. Then I get catapulted to a peak where I can sit for a few minutes and look around at what I’ve accomplished before returning to the plain and continuing on my way.

The view’s nice up here.