Book News!

If you look to the left, you’ll notice a lovely new cover for Weeds and Flowers. I’m kind of proud of this one. You see, I made it myself. The flower is one in my front yard. Anybody know what it is? I am not a flower expert, but I have lots of those that I inherited from the former owner of the house, who evidently was a flower expert. I also figured out how to convert a file from .doc to .pdf format, then realized, I would have to convert it again to a .jpg in order to share it on here. I found a lovely site online that does that kind of thing for you (Zamzar) and wa-laa!

If you can’t tell, I’m getting excited about the re-release of Weeds and Flowers on Tuesday, February 14. I’ve cleaned it up, and I think I’ve gotten all the typos out and fixed a couple of minor editorial mistakes. I’m also working on a preface for it. Is it worth re-reading if you’ve already read it? Maybe, if you really loved it, but the changes are very minor. Is it worth downloading a new copy if you already have one but haven’t read it? Definitely. Please do, and remember it’s totally free on February 14. Of course, if you love it, I’d love to have some more five star reviews on Amazon.

Now for the Carina Press news. I finally found out what the new title for The Sixth Fold will be. It has been re-christened WHERE THE HEART LIES. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s actually much, much better than either of my original titles, and much more expressive of the heroine’s journey in the novel. So, gotta go, but please check back on Tuesday for my re-release party for WEEDS AND FLOWERS!