Cool Stuff: My RWA Postcard

I read the most awesome article the other day by Stephanie Stiles, author of TAKE IT LIKE A MOM. It’s called “Finding an Agent: A Little Un-Advice”. I held off mentioning this article for a few days because I related most to the first article of un-advice Ms. Stiles offered. To wit: “1. Let the work speak for itself!” Ms. Stiles points out that even McDonald’s, the fast food giant that sells more burgers than you can count, still advertises its burgers. The reason being because there are lots of burgers out there and they want you to choose theirs. Obviously, you want your manuscript to stand out to an agent. When I read this, I breathed a sigh of relief. You see, I didn’t know if what I’d done at the RWA Nationals had helped me stand out in a good way or a bad one.

Before I left, I asked my friend Shannon LuQuire of Trade Ideas, Inc. to design a postcard advertising not only the two published ebooks I have through Lyrical Press, Inc., but also my unpublished, polished, completely completed manuscript THE SIXTH FOLD. Here’s a digital version of the gorgeous card she came up with:

It’s so great to have talented friends! I did show the card to several editors and agents, and now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it was the right kind of effective advertisement. In the meantime, I’m thrilled Shannon’s allowing me to feature it on my blog. Look for it often!

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  1. Oh Michelle! The card is GORGEOUS! And so, so classy!! You are a fast writer! I am so impressed! And every book blurb makes me want to read! Please tell me when one is out in print! ( I know, annoying to keep hearing that!)

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