Breathing in the heat

Have you ever really tried to breathe in 90 degree humid heat? I’m relearning the technique. Today I walked outside to check the mail and was a little stunned by the utter stillness. I think the heat at that time was about 92 degrees Fahrenheit. And while it’s not as muggy as it will be later in the summer, it didn’t take me long to break out into a sweat. In spite of this, I stood for a minute listening to the silence. A big fat black bumblebee buzzed my head, then buzzed back, probably attracted by the sun glinting off my silver hairs. But other than the bumblebee and me, there might have been nothing else alive for miles.

And I breathed.

I’ve been breathing all along, although I haven’t updated my blog in a while. My daughter’s birthday was yesterday and we had a blast celebrating with her. And today was her last day of preschool for the year. Caught me off guard and I was just a little stunned to realize another school year (her first) is drawing to a close.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Of course, the end of the school year brings with it all the kids activities and projects and parties that make memories special later on. I’m loving it. I’m enjoying it. I’m breathing.

Through all this, I’m attempting to get myself ready for the RWA Nationals in New York (yippee! Can’t wait!) and proof the galleys of WINTER SOLSTICE. (I’ll have some thoughts about WINTER SOLSTICE and what I’m learning about my own writing next week.)

And to top it all off, I am the guest blogger on Lyrical Press, Inc.’s blog this Friday! If you’d like to stop by and say hello, I’d love to “see” you there. I’ll post a link on Friday, but that may be the last you’ll hear from me. What will my topic be? I’m thinking of doing something about my experience as PTO president this year.

Keep breathing!