What the heck is a HONEOWP, anyway?

I’ve gotten this question in various forms recently, so I created a page to answer it. You can find it here: HONEOWP?? It’s also a page link at the top of this blog. I hope you’ll read it and maybe consider joining it!

I’m also adding the wonderful Elizabeth Massie’s Hand to Hand Vision blog to my HONEOWP roll call. Elizabeth didn’t start Hand to Hand Vision as part of my HONEOWP effort, but it’s such a wonderful example of what a writer or artist or anybody, really, can do to help others that I decided to include it. Hand to Hand Vision is an ongoing auction of donated artwork and other items dedicated to sharing with those in need. Elizabeth is an award-winning author of multiple horror novels and ghost stories. If you’re not acquainted with Elizabeth’s work, check out her blog: Elizabeth Massie. If you’d like more information about the Hand to Hand Vision, check out the blog here: Hand to Hand Vision.

Although I’ve been following the Hand to Hand Vision for a while now, I really got interested when Elizabeth posted a picture of something she called “Circle of Caring Bracelets”. Simple but lovely beaded bracelets, Elizabeth posted this explanation: “The bracelet is simple. There are yellow beads at the center of the circle. These represent the “life-light,” or the innate human value, of the person who is the target of the bullying. The other beads are multicolored and random. They are are mixture of glass, ceramic, plastic, and stone. These beads represent the caring people who are there to speak out and step up on behalf of the one who is bullied.”

I teared up because bullying is one of the things I dread finding in my children’s lives, whether they be the bullier or the bullied. I never experienced it as a child, but I have heard and read the same horror stories any parent has. It is a powerful evil we have to help our children combat, and I felt Elizabeth’s bracelets could be a wonderful way to do that. Elizabeth has already sent me documents on how to make the bracelets and I plan to approach other parents, teachers and administrators in my area to start a program using them. I’ll post more details about how I accomplish that later.

In the meantime, Elizabeth Massie, welcome to HONEOWPdom.