The HONEOWP Interview

I’m sorry I didn’t see the email about this until too late to announce it yesterday because Valentine’s Day would have been a very appropriate day for it. You might have heard about my HONEOWP initiative where I donate my royalties (or a minimum of $25) to charity every month. For more information, see HONEOWP Update or HONEOWP Charities to the left. You might also remember that author Steve Lowe has joined me in this for the month of February. You can find a link to his blog Shitzengiggles under HONEOWP roll call.

Well, now AJ Brown has decided to get to the bottom of our motives for doing this. I’d already added AJ to my HONEOWP roll call (Type AJ Negative) because he blogged about my project a month or more ago. Well, now he’s conducted an interview with Steve and myself, and you can find it here: The HONEOWP Interview. I hope you’ll check it out and take time to explore AJ’s website. He’s done quite a few interesting interviews with even more interesting writers and his “Blood Bank” has some really great free fiction in it.

Five Books I Will Always Love:
1. Little Women
2. Murder on the Orient Express
3. Swan Song
4. Anne of Green Gables
5. Watership Down