Four ways to read SECRETS OF THE LOTUS without a fancy ereader

I got my October royalty statement, and hey, the good news is, I haven’t had a single month yet that SECRETS OF THE LOTUS hasn’t sold a few copies. This is encouraging. And now that I have WINTER SOLSTICE coming out, maybe I’ll attract even more readers. Who knows when Oprah will decide to download it to her Kindle. I’m pretty sure she’d like it.

Well, maybe.

Anyway, I often get the question: How do I buy a copy of your book? It’s a fair question. You can’t just walk into a brick-and-mortar bookstore and ask for a copy of SECRETS OF THE LOTUS by Michelle Garren Flye. Well, my book is for sale from several fine ebook stores and is available for almost all ereaders, including Sony, Kindle and the iPad. However, the truth really is, if you’re reading my blog, you can read my book. You don’t have to buy a fancy ereader. You can read it directly from your computer. Here are four ways to do that:

1. Buy and download SECRETS from my publisher Lyrical Press. Here’s a link: SECRETS OF THE LOTUS. You will receive a file with SECRETS in seven different formats. One of these is .pdf, which can be read on your computer using Adobe Acrobat. It’s a very attractive reader and very easy to use.

2. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, you can read the raw .html version, also included in the file sold by Lyrical Press.

3. Download the free Mobipocket Reader from to your smartphone. You can purchase SECRETS directly from Mobipocket’s store.

4. Download the free Kindle for Mac or Kindle for PC program. It’s simple, attractive and easy to use. Plus, SECRETS OF THE LOTUS is only $4.40 on Amazon!

So you see, ereading isn’t really that hard. Anybody can do it.

Does anybody know if Oprah even has a Kindle? Maybe I could send her one…

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  1. Yes, Oprah has a Kindle! I saw her talk about it on one of her shows. She was saying how great they are 🙂 So, no need to send her one. Just send her your book!

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