Quick Update

Okay, so I’ve now got two projects more or less complete and in one pipeline or the other and I’m taking a little break from writing. What am I doing?

1. Still reading Sherlock Holmes, something I’ve intended to do most of my life. I love the twists and turns of Doyle’s writing and he was a master of characterization, something I still struggle with. By studying Doyle’s methods I hope to discover how to create a whole person out of words.

2. Watching my six-year-old son learning to read. He’s reading everything in sight now. We’re used to reading the subtitles of movies to him, but tonight he started reading them to us! He reads highway signs and magazine covers, menus and newspaper headlines. I’ll have to watch him; he might start sneaking up behind me and reading what I’m writing! It is truly wonderful sharing this moment in time with him, though. I love seeing this new world open up for him.

3. Busy working on PTO duties. It’s a busy time of the year, and I’m hoping for a lull when the month is complete. Why?

4. National Novel Writing Month. Yep. It starts on November 1, and I’m planning to do it. I’ve got a project in mind and holding off on getting started would be frightfully difficult…if I weren’t so busy…and so tired!

Night everybody!