My breathing moment: Just a sentence

This is my breathing moment of the day. I wrote something that I know is good. It happens every now and then. You write a line and you know it captures something. So after I wrote it, I took a minute to breathe. Anyway, I wanted to share it with someone, and I figured, what the hell? If you read my blog, you’re a friend, and it might as well be you. So, here it is, an excerpt from my almost complete work-in-progress, ALWAYS FAITHFUL:

As she stood there in her dead husband’s home, his rings still on her finger and her gaze held by a man she could no longer deny her feelings for, Alicia realized that not all beginnings start at the same place, and she wondered where this path could lead her if she followed it.

It’s just a sentence, yes. But it’s kind of important to me. It’s the first sentence anyone but me has read of ALWAYS FAITHFUL, and I think it gets to the heart of the romance in the story, although that’s only one thread of many in this one.

I kind of really hope you liked it.

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