Dreams and Screams, Greenpoints and Breathing Moments

“When will your book be available in print?” People keep asking me this, and sadly, I don’t know for sure if SECRETS OF THE LOTUS will be available in print at all. That’s up to the publisher, Lyrical Press. Because they foot the bill for this book, it’s their business to decide if it’s worth their dime to make SECRETS OF THE LOTUS available in print. I would like to point out that SECRETS has received THREE favorable reviews. If you’d like to read these, here are some links:

Single Titles Review
Happily Ever After Review
Romance Book Scene Review

If you’re convinced by the reviews that my book has something to offer and you really do want to see it in print, purchase an e-copy at lyricalpress.com. That’s really the only way to show the publisher the book is worth something in someone’s opinion. SECRETS is also available from many other ebook retailers.

On the bright side, you can see my name in print now, if you want. My werewolf story “Black Dog Alley” is one of the many excellent stories featured in Liquid Imagination’s DREAMS AND SCREAMS anthology. DREAMS AND SCREAMS is available for purchase from Lulu.com here: LIQUID IMAGINATION’S DREAMS AND SCREAMS.

I haven’t been good about keeping you guys up to date on these, but I am practicing them. Anyway, here are my Breathing Moments and Greenpoints from today and yesterday.

Yesterday: I stopped to look at the moon shining on the water. It’s not full yet, so it must have been its angle in the sky that turned the creek outside my house into molten silver. Beautiful.
Today: The moment when I saw my son stand with the rest of his fifth grade class, I concentrated on breathing in and out for a moment. A little more than ten years ago, in the hospital, I held him in my arms in the hospital and wondered how on earth anything could be so beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Yesterday: I didn’t start my car AT ALL! This is a big thing since my car is a gas-guzzling minivan.
Today: I turned off the lights in the kitchen during the evening hours when no one was there. It’s more convenient to leave them on, but we might as well save that electricity, right?