New Pages Added!

I’ve just added two new pages, About Me (my bio) and Free Fiction Page. I’m planning to pull out some of my older stories that are no longer in print or online anywhere and put them up on the Free Fiction Page. I might even add a note about the journey the stories have made. Right now, I’m featuring “Your Mandala”, which is one of my favorite short stories ever. You’ll find the menu on my Home page.

GREENPOINTS: Scheduled my errands in a circular route so I’d use less gas. Don’t really know how much of a difference this one made, but it was harder to do than it sounds!

BREATHING MOMENT: Admiring the crepe myrtles. They’re beautiful in NC this year. Take a moment to have a look.

1 thought on “New Pages Added!

  1. What is this you say? Free fiction from Michelle Garren Flye? Well, where do I sign up for this free ficition? Oh, wait… it’s here on this site…

    Well, I do believe I will have me a read…

    Where’s my coffee?

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