Giving blood in an interview: Type AJ Negative

My good friend AJ Brown interviewed me for his blog Type AJ Negative, and it was really painless! No collapsed veins or anything but fun. Check it out here: Michelle Garren Flye Pricks a Finger and Kills Commas. While you’re over there, check out AJ’s other, much more entertaining, interview with author Steve Lowe. I’ve never read any of Lowe’s work, but I’m likely to look him up now. That just goes to show what a skillful interview can do.

Here’s hoping AJ’s interview with me has that same effect on others!

2 thoughts on “Giving blood in an interview: Type AJ Negative

  1. I hope it does have the same effect, Michelle. Thank you for participating. Herbie says hi, by the way. He wants to know how the cookie tasted…


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