Help me out if you’ve read my book!

Writing is lonely work, maybe the loneliest of all arts. First, you spend months laboring over a novel, then you search frantically for a publishing outlet, then you sit and wait. After all that hard work, you wait and wonder if anybody’s even reading what you’ve written, or if they ever will.

Already, I’ve been fortunate to receive two very thoughtful and kind reviews. (My thanks to Single Titles and Happily Ever After Reviews for those!) I’ve also had a couple of people drop me an email to let me know they read and enjoyed the book. (A special thanks to those readers, too!) I am very grateful for all the feedback I’ve received, and it’s probably more than an author should expect for her debut ebook.

If you’ve read my book and would like to offer feedback without writing a full email or review, however, the internet and most retailers make it very simple. You can easily rate Secrets of the Lotus on the following ebook retailers:

Books on Board
All Romance eBooks

You can also rate Secrets on Goodreads. If the spirit really moves you, write a two or three line review on my page at Lyrical Press. Every rating may help somebody else find my book, so if you’ve got a second to click a few stars, please do!