Update post publication

Hi all! Well, I’m one week post publication and staying as busy as possible to keep from obsessing about my book. After all, it’s in your hands now. I wrote it and edited it and subbed it over and over again until it found a home. Now you have to do the work!

As a side note, I did enjoy my first ever “book release” party, which basically just means I went down my Christmas card list and invited everybody and we had a great time eating and drinking and toasting my book. It went by too fast, though! Here’s a picture of one of the decorations I created for the occasion (I’m kind of proud of it!):


So what am I up to? In no particular order:
—Finishing up the first draft of my work-in-progress, hopefully this week. Then the long, arduous rewriting process begins!
—Pulling out an old draft of a novel to see if it has any possibilities.
—Editing for Dark Recesses. I have two really chilling stories waiting for my tender attentions. If horror is your thing, keep an eye on darkrecesses.com over the next few weeks. There are some really good fiction pieces coming your way!
—Figuring out what to do with my promotional postcards and bookmarks. Any ideas? Drop me a line at michellegflye@gmail.com.
—Playing with my kids! We’ve only got a little over a month left of summer!