19 days to go: I believe

I write women’s fiction. Understand that I define women’s fiction as something a woman would read. If you want to check out some of my personal brand of women’s fiction, try: China, Family Table or Her Only Rival. (Okay, I threw in Her Only Rival just for fun. I think it’s important that we women not take ourselves too seriously.)

I’ve taken a couple of cuts about writing a romance. Hell, I was a horror writer for a while. I wrote about werewolves (I still LOVE my werewolf story), vampires and zombies. Where did the romance come from?

Answer: It was always there. I believe in happy endings. At least, I believe in writing about them. We need to believe in happy endings. We need our books and movies and songs to have them. If we don’t, what do we have to hope for? The news sure ain’t gonna fill that need.

I remember a pastor once asking me, why do we have faith? The answer: without faith, there is no hope.

Same thing with happy endings.