A quick update on the writing front. First of all, thanks to my blog “guests” from my last post. That post got me an unprecedented (and unexpected) 71 views over the course of two days. I highly recommend the writing of those ladies who were kind enough to help me out. They’re all extraordinarily talented, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a chance to learn from each and every one of them.

Second, if you’re curious about my book, you can find a little sneak peek by clicking on this link: Lyrical Press Store. For now, there’s just a short blurb, but they’ll have an excerpt up soon.

Finally, I am currently looking at the galleys of my book! Exciting, huh? It’s really just a .pdf file, but it’s a little preview (for me) of what the finished product will be like. Less than a week after finishing the final round of edits, I’m now proofing the galleys. By the time I finish this round, I will have read my book completely through at least four times! I’m on Chapter 4 and haven’t found a single typo yet.

Pretty cool.