Just breathing

Today I’m practicing breathing. Some days I’m not aware of a single breath I’ve taken during the day. I’m always hurrying from one thing to another. With three kids and writing and editing, I don’t take time to breathe at all.

Good thing it’s automatic.

Yesterday I found out my book will be released in electronic format on July 5, 2010. All right. I knew it was coming, but to have an actual date, just like that. A momentous occasion. My breath stopped for a second.

My favorite t-shirt says “Breathe” on it. A friend asked what it meant. I told her it was a reminder. For me or whoever reads it. Keep on breathing, keep on plugging away. Eventually you get there, right?

It took me eight years to get to this point, and I’m still not at my final destination with my writing. But if I keep breathing, I’ll make it.

Secrets of the Lotus

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  1. Yeah!!!! A date! So excited for you. I will be among the people downloading it on July 5th 🙂 I think your book coming out is a great excuse to get an iPad- so I will have an electronic reader, right?? Congrats!

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