Save the Bees

My Haagen Dazs Bee

I’m taking a break from boring you guys about my novel (which is still with the line editor, anyway) to tell you about an issue that terrifies me, not only because it could be horrific for all of us, but because it’s getting so little attention in the mainstream media.

Seems like, if something was happening that would threaten one-third of our food supply, it might be a mainstream media issue, doesn’t it? Seems like, if this issue had been steadily growing worse over a four year period, it might get a little attention, right? And maybe, just maybe, if that problem suddenly got three times worse, it might make the evening news.

Yet nobody cares about the honeybees. They’re quietly dying, taking with them the art form of pollination, and nobody’s paying any attention. According to studies, a variety of pesticides have been found in the pollen and wax of beehives in 23 states. Fortunately, that pesticide doesn’t affect the pollen and honey people consume, right?

Wrong. If these pesticides are getting into the bees’ food chain and driving them away from hives causing colony collapse disorder, guess what? Bees die, plants die. We could lose one-third of our food supply and that’s not even taking into account the loss of food for other animals that we use for food. Hey, maybe there’d be no more hamburgers or chicken nuggets, either.

Might solve the obesity crisis, at least.

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