Shakespeare revisited

If you’ve already bought your copy of Shakespeare’s Complete Works, get ready to take it to the used bookstore. Surprise. Scholars have discovered another one. Check it out here: Lost Shakespeare.

What gets me is not so much that Shakespeare’s got another contender for the bestseller list nearly four centuries after his death, but that there are people who actually care. Shakespeare did what every serious writer wants to do: he’s lived long past his death through his words. I mean, how cool is that? Even I, chicklit and romance writer that I am, would love to think that someday, even twenty years after my death, people might still be reading things I wrote. Four hundred years? Well, that would be cool, too.

William Shakespeare might not have been trying, either. Although I’m not an expert, I think Shakespeare was a working writer. Respected, yes. Acclaimed as a genius, no. At least not during his lifetime. Quite possibly, Shakespeare was just a man with talent who was trying to earn an honest dollar doing something he loved. And yet his work lives. I know that for a fact. My high school teacher made me read some of it.