Update finally!

So finally I get to another update. Fortunately, most of the reasons why I’m so late are good, creative ones, so I’m happy. I’m hard at work on my second round of editing. This one is going much faster, but my editor has also made a few suggestions for possible rewrites (all good ones), so it might be more labor intensive, too. I have also begun my work as fiction editor for Dark Recesses. It’s been fun so far trying on the editing hat from this side of things again. Plus I’ve learned so much about what makes a story read well since my last stint as an editor, I feel like I really have more to offer.

I’ve been looking up some of my old stuff. My plan is to track everything of mine that is still online down and get links put on this blog, maybe even as a sidebar if I can figure out how to do it. Anyway, here are a few of my oldies, in no particular order:

The Steps My Lover Built
What the Rooster Taught Me