Where I am now.

Here. This moment. My desk in my home and my novel is back in the hands of my capable editor.


Okay, breathe and on to the next step, next project, next thing. But I’m finding it’s hard to let go. Ever since signing the contract I’ve been back and forth — did I do the right thing? I’ve come to the conclusion that I did.

No, it’s not my dream contract. There’s no big advance and my book must prove itself in e-book format before it even gets a chance at being published in print. But it’ll be out there. Somebody will read it. Somebody will like it. More than a handful of somebodies, most likely. I have that much faith in my book and my publisher.

I’ve read a lot of blogs by people much more experienced than I am at this publishing thing. Lots of good advice. Lots of don’ts. Don’t jump at the first contract. Don’t sign before you read. Don’t give up when you get rejected.

I did all the right things. I persevered in the face of many rejections. I didn’t sign without having a lawyer look over the contract. (That’s expensive, by the way.) I did take my first acceptance. Keep in mind that I’d gone through months of rejections by the time I got that letter from Lyrical Press. Acceptance letters are sweet manna to writers. Rejections are spinach — necessary and full of vitamins to keep us growing, but really icky.

What would have happened if I had held out for a better deal, a bigger publisher, an agent who appreciates my brilliance? I have to say, acceptance in the face of rejection and possibly more rejection made me weak.

So that’s where I am, and I’ve learned so much already, things that will make my next book better, possibly more acceptable to a bigger publisher. Possibly enough to make my dreams come true.