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I love to hear from readers, friends and other writers! You can email me at michellegflye at gmail dot com. Or check out my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. I look forward to hearing from you!


4 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Hello! I learned of you from Jay Sankey’s Twitter profile. Golly…I wish I’d known there was a fiction-writing close-up magician in NC several weeks ago! I was in Gastonia and Raleigh last week for a short set of gigs performing “Recycling is Magic” and speaking at a sustainability luncheon. If you get up to CT let us know so we see if there might be some opportunities to perform or share your other artistries. Are you near Gastonia? I hope to get back to The Schiele Museum next year. CJ May and

    • Hi CJ! I’m not a magician, really. I write about magic, and that’s the extent of my talent. I love watching it, though! I’m not near Gastonia, but my brother lives in Charlotte, so I’m always willing to visit. Stay in touch!

      • Sorry for my confusion…..I thought I saw something about a tour of close-up magic! As for fiction, I enjoy the “romp” of the Dresden Files (film noire-esque wizard in modern Chicago solves supernatural mysteries) and Carter Beats the Devil. Alas, w 3 kids and on a job hunt I don’t read so much these days. Your words are your magic….keep making the magic!

      • No confusion! I am doing a virtual book tour for my newest book Close Up Magic. And I have learned a couple of card tricks but I’m not a performer. Just a fan of all things magical. 🙂 love your take on using magic to educate about the environment!

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