Michelle Garren Flye’s HONEOWP resolution:

I am rebooting HONEOWP with the release of WHERE THE HEART LIES in July. I’ve chosen one charity, No Kid Hungry, to donate to every month and to blog about. Once again I’m inviting all other writers, novelists, editors and bloggers to join me in the effort. If you’d like to join up, send me your information and I’ll add it to my HONEOWP role call. You don’t have to pledge all your royalties, and you don’t have to even tell me how much you’re donating. Just post about HONEOWP and the charity of your choice on your own blog/Facebook/Twitter. I’ll blog about you and your charity and your books (if you have any) on BREATHE. If I have time (which I probably will), I’ll send you a few questions about you and your charity of choice.

What is HONEOWP?

HONEOWP stands for Helpful Outstanding Novelists, Editors and Others in the Writing Profession. I began this in 2010 as a way for writers to help other writers out, but when I decided to donate all my royalties to charity during 2011 and encourage other writers to do similar donations and blog about each other, I couldn’t think of a better moniker.

Who can be a HONEOWP?

If you’re reading this, you can be a HONEOWP. Post about my efforts on your Facebook page, blog about it, or start your own HONEOWP initiative. It can benefit any charity you want, and you can donate whatever you feel confident with. However, to be a true HONEOWP, you need to help other HONEOWPs by linking to their blogs or at least purchasing their books.

Why should I be a HONEOWP?

If you’re an author, being a HONEOWP can help you publicize your book while having a positive impact, however small. If you’re a blogger, you can help out authors of books you like and, again, it’s for a good cause.

Does HONEOWP take donations?

HONEOWP is not a charitable organization and does not accept donations. A link to HONEOWP selected charities can be found on my blog at https://michellegflye.wordpress.com and donations can be made directly to those charities.

How can I join the HONEOWPs?

Create your own giving program. Whatever you like. If you’d like to be featured on my HONEOWP roll call, email me about your efforts at michellegflye@gmail.com.

5 responses to “HONEOWP??

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  4. Amy Brown Salter

    Love your site Michelle and your dedication to charity! Am anxious to read Secrets of the Lotus! Amy

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